The authors

The authors of The Excellent Cookbook

The original Excellent cookbook has been written by Carolus Battus, and was first published in 1593.

The translation into modern Dutch is provided by Marleen Willebrands and Christianne Muusers. They have also tested and adapted many recipes from the cookbook. Thirty of these adapted recipes have been added to the modern edition. Marleen and Christianne have also written the introduction to the edition and provided a glossary.

The chapter on tableware has been written by Alexandra van Dongen.

More on the authors can be found on the following pages.

Carolus BattusChristianne MuusersMarleen WillebrandsAlexandra van Dongen

But the writers are not the only contributors to this project. Publishers Sterck & De Vreese were prepared to publish the book exactly as the authors had envisioned it. Editor Toon Vugts has looked at our texts with a critical eye and asked some very good questions. The Belgian photographer Roos Mestdagh made beautiful pictures of the tables with prepared dishes, and designer Jelle Post has combined text, illustrations and pictures in a gorgeous ensemble.