The Excellent Cookbook

The cover of the Dutch edition of The Excellent CookbookThis website is attached to the publication of the sixteenth-century Dutch cookery book Het Excellente kookboek van doctor Carolus Battus uit 1593, which was published in November 2020. In English: The Excellent Cookbook by Doctor Carolus Battus from 1593. This richly illustrated book was written by Marleen Willebrands en Christianne Muusers, with a contribution by Alexandra van Dongen on material objects. We hope to be able to publish an English edition in the future.

The authors, left to right Christianne Muusers, Marleen Willebrands, Alexandra van Dongen

The book contains a lot information, but not all information could fit into the book. That is why we created this website with news, updated links, some downloads and pictures.