About Christianne Muusers

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Christianne Muusers © Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Jos Uljee

Christianne Muusers (1959) wrote the chapters on kitchenware, cooking, ingredients and dishes in Battus’ cookbook, and redacted the adapted recipes that are added to the edition. These recipes were adapted and tested by Marleen and Christianne. The translation into modern Dutch and the glossary have been composed by Marleen and Christianne.

Christianne has (the equivalent of) an MA Dutch language and Literature. Starting out with research on medieval cookery books, she has expanded her research from Antiquity to the nineteenth century.

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Christianne Muusers has been publishing historica, traditional and modern recipes since 2002 on the website Coquinaria. New recipes on Coquinaria are announced on the English Facebook page.


Christianne Muusers publishes regularly in several magazines, and has contributed to several publications, apart from publishing books under her own name. A complete list can be found on Coquinaria.