Battus’ Menu of adapted recipes

The edition of The excellent Cookbook concludes with thirty adapted recipes from the cookbook. These have been photographed beautifully by Roos Mestdagh, with each course of the meal on large tables. These are laid in the manner of a sixteenth-century meal, using a large amount of pewter dishes.

Christianne Muusers and Marleen Willebrands have prepared all these dishes at least once before the official photoshoots, and we made our own pictures. Click on the thumbnails below to see the larger pictures. The watermark in the pictures indicate the photographer.

These adapted recipes are all part of the menu in the edition of The Excellent Cookbook. But Christianne Muusers and Marleen Willebrands have tested many more of Battus’ recipes. On this page we have collected links to the recipes that we have published on our websites or els where.

First table

Gerookte sausijsjes

Smoked sausages

Kapoen in blancmangersaus

Capon in blancmange

Gekonfijte krenten

Confit of currants

Trimolette bij Patrijs

Trimolette for partridge


Almond butter

Gestoofde uien

Stewed onions

Geroosterde lever

Roasted liver

Hutspot van hert

Stew of deer


Salmon pasties

Deuse geertjes

Deuse geertjes

Bruwet fulleet

Bruwet fulleet

Gestoofde eend

Stewed mallard


Second table

Gevulde kweeën

Stuffed quinces

Gestoofde spinazie

Stewed spinach

Forel in gelei

Trout in saffron jelly


Appel pie

Kip met pomerans

Chicken, Seville oranges

Gerechtje bij gebraad

Toast for roast

Saupiquet bij konijn

Saupiquet for rabbit

Gevulde savooiekool

Stuffed cabbage

Lamspastei, camelinesaus

Lamb pie, cameline sauce

Spaanse marsepein

Spanish marzipan



Third table


Gooseberry sauce

Peren in hipocras

Pears in hipocras

Gekonfijte gember

Candied ginger




Quince jelly

Gekronkelde struiven

Lace pancakes


Slurpers (marrow pasties)



Karnemelkse kaas

Buttermilk cheese