As extra service, we have gathered the downloads that are available on on one page.

For a Feast Challenge on Facebook in which Christianne Muusers participated, she has adapted 9 recipes to English, with the original text and adapted versions and pictures of the dishes. Available as PDF.

The original text can be viewed as facsimile in the printed edition, as well as in a translation into modern Dutch. The semi-diplomatic transcription can be downloaded as PDF.

The text is printed in a book. The description of the book as object can be found in the Description of the book (Dutch version, English will follow asap).

The first part of Het excellente kookboek contains many recipes that can also be found in the Flemish manuscript UB Gent 476. In this PDF (Dutch version) one can see which recipes exactly Battus’ cookbook has in common with this source. Whether Battus used this manuscript for his book, or they have a common source, is not yet clear.